necklaces gemstones

The fashion of wearing richly ornamented necklaces has been followed by men and women since ages. Handsome and dazzling neck pieces were a principal part of ancient Egyptian?s dress. They were also used for cultural distinction. Royal and wealthy Egyptians used to wear broad collar like pieces and pectoral shaped neck jewels were also liked by them.

Shells, bones, stones, animal teeth or claws were used to make a beautiful necklace in older ages. These jewellery articles are said to be the first adorning object made by man.

he designs of these pieces range from simple strings to complex patterns. These articles serve as fashion as well as religious jewellery and people wear various types of religious chains with charms having pictures of Saint and Christ and other religious images.

A variety of beads and stones, both precious and non precious, are used to make these round neck pieces to adorn necks. These are decorated; engraved and polished pieces made of gold, sterling silver, copper, titanium and even plastic or wood.

Chains and collars were common in fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth centuries and net like gold neck pieces with studded gemstones were common among Hebrews. Three dimensional pendant jewels were common during ancient Greek period.

Massively decorated with different qualities and shapes of stones and pearls add a charm and glamour to the necklace. Beaded neck jewels having beads of pearls, crystals and colorful gemstones look adorable. A beautifully and richly ornamented handmade neckpiece speaks for itself.

Handmade jewellery is always expensive but it is also worth the high price. Diamond pieces are one of their kinds. They are gorgeous, magnificent, and enchanting jewellery articles that go with all colors of dress and are suitable for any occasion. But these diamond articles are quite expensive and are usually the choice of wealthy citizens or famous celebrities like models and actors.