Who Are We?

We are a family operated business with Christian Values. We are committed to customer satisfaction. We operate our business with a level of integrity that is seldom seen today. We strive to ensure that your shopping experience with us is enjoyable.

Susan Howard, our Jeweler/Goldsmith, has over 17 years of bench experience. She graduated of the Rhode Island Jewelry Institute in 1987. Susan has spent her career providing unsurpassed jewelry repairs and design for major jewelry retailers. She is a highly trained and skilled jeweler/goldsmith. She performs all levels of custom fabrication for a variety of projects.

Scott Lachance is the webmaster, responsible for all aspects of the development and maintenance of our websites. He is a full-time firefighter/paramedic. Scott has over 15 years of computer related experience and had worked as an electrical engineer prior to changing careers. Scott and Susan are brother/sister.

Kelley Lachance is Scott’s wife. She is our customer service specialist. If you have questions about your order, store policies, products, etc., she is the person who has the answers. She also functions as an office manager and helps ensure that all aspects of our business operate smoothly.

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The following sections contain information and frequently asked questions about selecting jewelry.

What size chain should I purchase?

Typically, the average size woman requires a chain of 16 to 20 inches. 16 inch chains are usually worn inside a blouse. A pendant worn on a 16 inch chain will usually be visible since it sits high on the chest, especially if the blouse is a v-neck or similar style. A chain of 20 inches or longer will usually be worn over the blouse.

The average man requires a chain of 20 to 24 inches. The same guidelines as above apply to mens chains.

These are just guidelines. A very thin person or very large person would obviously require modifications to these numbers. Also, in the case of children, you may need to use smaller chains. If you require further assistance with selecting the correct size chain, please email us. We are happy to help.

What size cross or pendant should I purchase?

All crosses and pendants are measured without including the bail(the loop where the chain goes). Dimensions are listed vertically (up-and-down) first, and horizontally (side-to-side) second. Dimensions are listed in millimeters (mm) for accuracy. We have begun to update the measurements to include inches also.

One inch equals 25.4 mm. So a pendant that is listed as 25 mm X 12 mm is about 1 inch X 1/2 inch. A pendant that is listed as 18-20 X 14 mm is about 3/4 inch X 1/2 inch.

Medals are listed with the diameter in millimeters (mm). The diameter is the measurement across the medal. A medal with a 12 mm diameter is about 1/2 inch. This is about 2/3 the size of a dime. A penny is about 18 mm, a nickel is about 20 mm, a quarter is about 23 mm, and a half-dollar is about 30 mm.

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Measurement Guide Table


17 mm

about 5/8 inch


18 mm

a little less than 3/4 inch


21 mm

a little over 3/4 inches


23 mm

almost 1 inch


30 mm

almost 1 1/4 inches

As a general rule, smaller pendants, crosses, and medals are good choices for women and children. Any pendant or cross with a measurement of less than 25 mm (1 inch) in length is usually intended for women or children. Any medal that is smaller than 18 mm (about the size of a penny), is usually best suited for women and children.

In most situations, men require a larger pendant or cross. You should look for measurements of at least 28 mm in length (a little over 1 inch). A length of 30 – 44 mm usually works well for most men (about 1 1/4 inch – 1 3/4 inch). Men typically want a medal that is at least 18 mm. Usually, a medal of 22 mm or larger is a better choice.

Of course, much of this depends on personal preference, price-range, etc. Some women prefer larger pendants, and some men are happy with smaller pendants.

If you have any questions about choosing the proper size, just email us. All emails are answered (always in less than 24 hours, but usually much quicker). Our jeweler/goldsmith has over fifteen years of experience, and she is happy to share her expertise with you.

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